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Odds & Ends Soap - FabYouLife Luxury HairCare and SkinCare

Odds & Ends Soap

$ 5.00

Odds & Ends Soap are either pieces I slice off the ends of my loaves when I make a batch of soap or batches that I feel are not as pretty as I feel they should be. Still an awesome piece of soap using the best ingredients, so it will be good to keep your skin in check. These are great if you want to try out a few different soaps and don't mind if they aren't at their prettiest. 

They will total to a minimum of 5 oz of soap. Soap ends will be unlabeled and chosen at random from what I have in stock.

- To ensure that your handmade soaps last as long as possible always keep them on a well-drained soap dish and allow the soap to dry between uses. Soap left in standing water can become soft and will not last as long.
- Please allow for slight differences in the colur and size of our soaps, as all my soaps are handmade in small batches and cut by hand. Natural colorants can fade slightly with time, which will not affect the quality of your soap. 

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