Babassu Oil and 10 reasons why you need it

Babassu Oil and 10 reasons why you need it


Babassu palm trees are native to northern and central regions of Brazil, and the babassu oil itself comes from the palm fruits, or nuts, which can grow to six inches in length. This oil is much like its cousin, coconut oil, in that it comes from a palm fruit, is solid at room temperature, melts when it touches your skin, and contains the same vitamins and fatty acids. In fact, some even prefer it over coconut oil. Here's why:

1. It’s Light-Weight

Whether you want to soothe dry skin right away, you simply don’t have time to wait around for your body moisturizer to dry before getting dressed for the day, or for whatever other reason you need it to do so; Babassu oil soaks in much faster than coconut oil. Once it does, Babassu leaves your hair and skin looking soft and smooth without an oily sheen and it doesn’t have to be washed away afterward.


2. It’s Low Comedogenic

Meaning, it won’t clog your pores! It's great for soothing inflamed skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, and other distressed skin conditions. It also calms redness and itchy inflamed skin. Babassu oil is a light, mild moisturizer that melts on contact with the skin with a dry oil texture making it suitable for most skin types. 


3. Helps Heal Damaged Skin

Babassu oil soothes skin irritations such as itchiness, eczema, and skin inflammation. This oil has a high composition of antioxidants including phytosterols and vitamin E. The antioxidants are known to effectively combat inflammation. It helps the skin to fight against free radicals. Remember that these are the substances responsible for cancer and early aging. Babassu oil reduces the effects of free radicals so healthy cells can regenerate.


4. Treats Dry Scalp

Babassu oil is composed of ingredients that restore a damaged scalp. A healthy scalp ensures that your hair stays intact and does not fall off. With this oil, your hair stays healthy and shines. This results from the natural acids that work wonders on a dry scalp. 


5. Soaks in Quickly

Many moisturizers take time to dry when applied. In many occasions, there is no time to wait for the moisturizer to dry. It is different with babassu oil which soaks in faster than coconut oil and other oils. After soaking in, babassu oil leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft without an oily sheen. You do not have to wash it off later. For that reason, there is little chance of it having to be accidentally soaked on your clothes, makeup table, the floor, your phone, or anywhere in your house.

6. Treats Body Odor

If you have body odor problems Babassu oil is what you need given that it is anti-microbial in nature. You only have to mix it with arrowroot powder and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Then, add about ten to fifteen drops of essential oil and apply the mixture on your body. Sweating is reduced, and any element that could cause odor is eliminated. Babassu oil works as coconut oil deodorant. The only difference is that you can use babassu oil without the worry of ruining your clothes.


7. Repairs & Softens Hair

Babassu oil is a deep hair conditioner. Once you use the oil couple of days you will notice major change such as smoother ends and less breakage. Babassu oil can be added to shampoos to reap major benefits. The elasticity of brittle and damaged hair is also restored making the hair shiny, glossy, voluminous and full. Just a few drops in your shampoo or conditioner are enough to ease hair dryness.


8. Kissable Lips

It is time to let go of the petroleum-based chapsticks and chemical laden lip balms. Babassu oil is a natural remedy for lips meaning it contains no harmful chemicals. When mixed with shea butter and applied, it makes the lips very soft and kissable. Babassu oil is a number one remedy for chapping lips. Chapped lips can hurt when laughing and could even bleed.


9. Promotes Healthy Nails and Cuticles

Babassu oil is rich in vitamin E which is one of the primary nutrients responsible for skin and nail health. When used regularly on hands and feet, Babassu works beautifully to soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails by providing them with an infusion of nutrient-rich moisture.


10. Mixes Better With Essential Oils

Unlike coconut oil whose heavy nutty fragrance clashes with the aromas of many popular essential oils, Babassu mixes well with most all other oils. This makes Babassu ideal for use in homemade health and beauty products like minty chest rubs and toothpaste, as well as fragrant salt and sugar scrubs.

Babassu Oil feels simply amazing, producing a noticeably silky and soothing sensation on the skin and you can get your Babassu fix with our Renewing Whipped Body Butter

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