Sayonara Summer....time to turn over a new leaf

Sayonara Summer....time to turn over a new leaf

There will be no hibernating over here!

I must admit that I have been slipping and kinda fell of my healthy wagon over the past few months and I was definitely feeling it....and not in a good way. Was going out to eat more than I was going to the gym (lack of motivation) and that's never good because I LOVEEE food. But i'm happy to report that i'm getting back into the swing of things. I say this just to prove that getting fit is not a temporary thing. It's a lifestyle change and sometime you will steer off the road, but make sure you get back in line.

Fall is the perfect time of year to begin or ramp up your fitness program, and this way, by the time the holidays hit, you won’t be easily sidelined (or fattened up) by all of the festivities. I've been thinking about adding some fresh juices to my meal plan, but when I think about pulling my juicer out and allll the pieces to clean turns me all the way off. So the other day in Stop-N- Shop I saw Suja Juices. First thing I noticed: Organic, Non-GMO and Cold Pressured. All that really boils down to is they used real fruits and vegetables instead of concentrates so you benefit from the vitamins and nutrients. 

Shop Suja

I'm not a juicing newbie so I bought a few to try and I must say they are pretty good.


They even have detox programs with a variety of juices for each day and a free meal plan!

1 Day Renewal

I will definitely be buying more! Have you tried these before? Let me know what you think.



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