So, What is a Face Toner?

So, What is a Face Toner?


What is toner?


In the past, toners contained high levels of alcohol to help remove oil from the skin and were too astringent and super drying; and that doesn’t equate to a FAB and healthy complexion.

These days, toners do just the opposite. Basically, toners can help you glow up. They can help balance skin, remove any makeup, dirt, and oil that’s left behind after cleansing, minimize the appearance of pores, and prep skin for the skincare steps to follow.

What Does Toner Do For Skin: 5 Benefits

Every day, we use some type of cleanser, then follow up with a moisturizer (hopefully) but many of us forget a crucial middle step: the toner. If you want to talk science, a toner is a fast-penetrating liquid that delivers skin a quick hit of hydration and helps remove some dead cells off the surface of the skin. Toner is like a primer for the rest of your skin-care routine like serums and moisturizer. The result: plump, & glowy skin. Of you already haven't been convinced, here are 5 reasons why you should need to add a toner in your daily regimen ASAP.

1. Minimizes the appearance of pores.

Toners clean up what your cleansers left behind in your pores. When your pores are clean they appear smaller and your skin has a smoother look. Facial toner helps you go bare faced and feel fully confident.

2. Soothes skin.

Using a botanically sourced facial toner, like our Neroli Glow Mist, helps create a calming sensation for your skin, alleviating any temporary redness and gives a refreshed and hydrated feel. Our Pore-Fecting Toning Pads exfoliate and refine your texture for a smoother look.

3. Temporarily tightens skin.

Facial toner is an amazing rejuvenator, and helps to give skin a tighter, firmer look. Use it twice a day and you’ll feel the difference within weeks.

4. It’s super refreshing.

Spritzing your skin with a botanical based toner is a great way to start (and end) your daily routine. Even mid-day when its hot or you just need a boost it feels amazing and you definitely deserve to treat yourself.

5. Helps skin retain moisture.

Facial toner is naturally hydrating, and helps to increase absorption of your moisturizer of choice. So, when you slather on your Velvet Daily Moisturizer, your skin will soak it up!

How to use a face toner

In your morning and night routine, toner should fall immediately after cleansing and before applying any treatments, serums or moisturizer; remember they will penetrate the skin better.

Depending on the type and consistency of toner, you can apply it with a cotton pad or a spritz. Like many new skincare products, you may want to ramp up usage depending on how your skin responds to a new toner. Start with once a day, then eventually twice a day. Always check the ingredients and stay away from toners with alcohol.  If your skin stings or burns after toning, that’s a sign that your toner is too harsh and drying and it’s time to find a new one.

So yes, toners make a difference

Sure, you can get by with just a cleanser and moisturizer if need be. But the right toner can make a noticeable difference in how your skin looks, feels and absorbs serums, treatments and creams. It can help to balance the skin’s pH levels, minimize the appearance of pores, and reduce shine. So find a toner built for your glow and swipe, spritz or spread your way to an instant skin refresh. 

NEROLI GLOW MIST face toner is great for all skin types. Dry, mature, sensitive, chaotic and distressed skin can especially benefit from its soothing mist.

Dull Skin, Acne or Oily Skin? Try our PORE-FECTING TONING PADS they contain ingredients like glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to remove dead skin cells and increase cell turnover.

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