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Fab Face Essentials mini bundle

Fab Face Essentials mini bundle

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The perfect starter pack for those diving into skincare or looking for a fresh, effective routine. Priced at just $30, this bundle is a steal, offering a travel-sized Black Honey Face Foam Cleanser, Neroli Glow Mist Toner, and Velvet Face Moisturizer making skincare a breeze for beginners and anyone seeking a new routine.

Step 1: Kickstart your skincare journey with our gentle yet effective Face Cleanser. See Black Honey Face Foam Cleanser

Step Two: Toner is like a sip of hydration for your skin! This toner helps balance and refresh your skin, preparing it for the moisturizing goodness to follow. See Neroli Glow Mist Toner

Step 3: Our Moisturizer completes the trio. It’s lightweight yet deeply hydrating, leaving your skin soft, supple, and ready to take on the day. See Velvet Face Moisturizer 

Step 4: Follow with your favorite SPF (not included)

Uncover the simplicity of skincare with our Complete Skincare Regimen Bundle. Priced affordably at $30, it's your ticket to a beginner-friendly, effective skincare routine. Embrace the journey to healthier, happier skin today!

Why You Need This

Key Benefits:
>Perfect introductory bundle for skincare newcomers
>Travel-sized products ideal for trying out a new routine
>Gentle yet effective formulation suitable for all skin types
>Affordable at just $30 for the complete set

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How to use

How to Use: Start your regimen with the Face Cleanser, follow up with the Toner, and seal in that moisture with the Moisturizer. Use daily for that fresh, glowing complexion.

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