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LOTUS Yoni Soap

LOTUS Yoni Soap

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Gently care for your private area with this fragrance-free bar that keeps your Yoni's pH in check and whisks away impurities, leaving skin soft as silk and feeling recharged. Get a fresh boost from the apple cider vinegar, Greek yogurt, and Rhassoul clay helping to sustain the natural acidity and getting rid of any undesirable odors. 

Why You Need This

*Made with Natural and Organic Oils,
*Never any Harsh Detergents, Surfactants or Toxic Chemicals
*Enriched with Probiotics for a Healthy Vagina
*pH Formulated for the Delicate Feminine Area
*Natural Odor Control
*Fresh Confidence that Lasts all Day
*Paraben, Phthalate, Formaldehyde & Petroleum Free

Key Ingredients

Scent Description

No added fragrances.

How to use

Rinse. Repeat.


Don't let your bar sit in a puddle or sit in the constant flow of water.

Full Ingredients

Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Soybean, Palm, Coconut, Olive, Castor), Organic Shea Butter, Rhassoul Clay, Organic Yogurt, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

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