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Rouge Body Bundle

Rouge Body Bundle

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Rouge Body Care Bundle – it’s the epitome of everyday luxury for both women and men. Inspired by MFK's Baccarat Rouge 540, this bundle brings you the gorgeously rich bar soap and the indulgent body oil, all wrapped up in the stunning woody, amber floral fragrance of Rouge.

Rouge Bar Soap: Give your skin some love with Rouge Bar Soap - your skin's new best friend! Enriched with avocado oil, Illipe Butter, and olive oil, this bar cleanses gently without leaving your skin dry. The creamy lather will have you feeling indulged, and the soft, layerable scent? It’s a treat for your senses.

  • A blend crafted for gentle cleansing without drying your skin
  • Layerable scent for both women and men

Rouge Body Oil: Drench your skin in luxury with Rouge Luxe Body Oil! Get ready for a lasting, hydrated glow that will have you looking like a *glowy goddess*. Slather it on post-shower while the skin is still damp and say hello to silky, happy skin. It's all about that healthy glow and we've got just what you need!

  • Fast-absorbing blend for deep hydration
  • Luxurious scent that lingers beautifully
  • Suitable for both women and men
  • Leaves your skin moisturized and radiant
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